2D/3D Infographic

Infographics — an indispensable tool for information design, without which there is no decent presentation, scheme or technical guidance. The designer, engaged in the creation of infographic, focuses on elements that are not very spectacular in themselves — figures, tables, graphs. But the result should be an image that not only can carry a large information load, but it will also be elegant, understandable and easy to use.

Infographics operates by induction, not deduction, that is, moves from the particular to the general. The designer divides the complex work area into composite elements, each of which is further optimized in accordance with its local task. 

After that, the elements are again connected to the whole. 

In the Internet space, information, as a rule, is divided into separate elements, representing them in parts. In this case, the detail can be anything or everything which depends on the development of the topic. 

It is very important to identify the main and secondary objects. Speaking of print media, the main object is the image in the central part of the page, which should interest the reader. Therefore, as a rule, a sufficiently large photograph is placed. 

In Internet publications, it is not the size of the main image that is important, but the correctness of information delivery, infographic in this case is built on the principle of digital presentation.


Provide the needed information. Drawings, furniture, floor plans and any other  information.


We check the information provided and request additional information if necessary.


We proceed to implementation. Due to processes optimization we always find professionals for you.


We prepare preliminary preview according to your comments. Making adjustments.


etting your approval with all adjustments.

Final Rendering

You getting full size images in high quality.


Infographic video

Qualitative visualization has found implementation in many business projects, which proves its importance in advertising for successfully developing companies in the USA and foreign markets. Nowadays, a photorealistic video presentation is an integral part of almost every project that is being realized, which emphasizes its ability to effectively promote products in the market both in construction and in the market for the introduction of innovative technologies.







Wonderful experience

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Wonderful experience. Render company did a great job making a property with a tricky layout look and feel just right. I highly recommend them!


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Very professional and knowledgeable! Amazing talent and making renerings. Very prompt and willing to take the time needed to complete the job.Audrey and his team are the best

Great Work!

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Pavlo has the perfect artistic eye to capture beautiful footage. We worked together developing a Building rendering, with special interest on the glass, and the project came out amazing!



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