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Graphic design — Is an extensive field of activity and an integral part of the modern world, the creation of a visual language. Graphic design can use by different means, be it digital or printed, and can include photos, illustrations or other types of graphics.


SPACE GRAPHIC DESIGN- These are signs and indexes, according to which people are oriented in the urban environment, such as with shopping and business centers. All sorts of signs on the doors, road signs, signs of various kinds of goods in stores and the like. The metro scheme, for example, is also a work of graphic design. The main thing in this area is to ensure that the sign is read in a second, and the scheme was the most convenient for the perception of information


BRANDING –  Each firm wants to have its own style, according to which customers and customers will recognize it. Each manufacturer wants to attract the most attention to its goods and sell it, packing it in stylish and informative packaging. This is the responsibility of the graphic designer. He develops the sign and logo of the company, recommends certain fonts and brand colors, recognizable graphic elements, and then makes the entire set of corporate identity, including presentation kits and a variety of printing products.

He also makes a guide to using the created style for everyone who will work on advertising this company, its product or service. 

ADVERTISING DESIGN- Advertisers are engaged in developing effective communications of the seller with the buyer, for this they investigate the market, the target audience and issue a series of advertising concepts.

To implement these concepts, they turn to a graphic designer who visualizes their advertising ideas.

It is visualization in advertising which plays a big role. 

WEB DESIGN- Graphic designers are engaged in this area by creating Internet sites, banners, making the virtual environment as user-friendly as possible for the Internet and at the same time aesthetic.

The design of the site and Internet banners is included in the development of the corporate style of the company and is prescribed in the manual for using the style. At the same time, the graphic designer does not necessarily have to own the site layout technologies, except for cases when he specializes specifically in this field. But in any case, he must necessarily know the rules for creating a virtual graphics space

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Wonderful experience. Render company did a great job making a property with a tricky layout look and feel just right. I highly recommend them!


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Pavlo has the perfect artistic eye to capture beautiful footage. We worked together developing a Building rendering, with special interest on the glass, and the project came out amazing!



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