Rendering in the cloud

We’ve probably heard about the clouds. We know that the most global and heavy calculations transfer there. The heaviest sites work on the clouds, and even I have long tried the taste of the cloud and moved my site there. Naturally, I immediately felt the difference, the site began to work instantly, and I was able to fine-tune it very nicely to my taste and needs, which could not be done on usual sharing hosting, and the price per unit of resource was reduced tens of times. And now I had an idea, and what if I moved to the cloud rendering. I’m not going to describe in detail what a cloud is, for this there is a good article on Wikipedia.

Now what is the difference between a cloud and ordinary services. For example, if you want to host a site earlier it was necessary to convert to the sharing hosting provider that gives you the daddy on your server where you download your site, in which case the capabilities of your site are limited by the capabilities of the hoster. Or in the case of a render farm, in order to render the scene you must collect and transfer this scene to someone else’s render to the farm where it will be counted, again such services are limited by the capabilities of this render of the farm.

In the cloud you are given not a resource, but an entire operating system performed in some kind of virtual environment. Each such system is allocated up to 100% of the resources of the machine on which it is executed, i.e. if the system runs on a computer with 2 XEON processors and 44 GB of RAM, then it can, if necessary, get all of these resources. And in the event that the real computer on which your task is running, the task automatically flips to another working computer, the same applies to disk space, due to this, and a guarantee is achieved in 99.999999% of operability.
Since it took a dozen or even hundreds of pages to describe the entire process, and I do not want to tie you to a specific cloud, all information is summarized and very dense. And you already on the basis of this article can understand how the clouds work and what it is for computer graphics. For a more detailed understanding of all the settings, you will need to read the instructions for your cloud. Also, the article does not specify any purely everyday operations, how a program is set up, and how the network rendering generally takes place, and implies a certain experience with the reader.