3D Animation is a frame by frame rendering process based an animated three-dimensional Polygonal greed.
CG Animation process is similar to creating a movie. You are lighting and staging scenes and producing a sequence of frames.Creating animation is a special process of creating movements in accordance with a timeline. Animation is formed by creating models in separate key frames.


TRADITIONAL ANIMATION- This process can be quite expensive and time-consuming, as animators have to create a set of different frames, starting from a frequency of 24 frames per second. This method is used mainly on PCs, as well as tablets with the use of special computer programs that allow you to create animations in the style of old Disney cartoons STOP-MOTION- Type of computer animation is more like traditional animation. All you need to do is take a picture of the object, and if you move the object to a relatively small distance, you take another photo. This procedure is repeated many times, and when the images are reproduced one after another, there is the impression of movement. CHARACTER ANIMATION- The main thing great character animation are rooted in posing your model in a way that reads true, animating from pose to pose to natural movement, and simulating natural 3d movement. Start here to learn the skills all beginning animators need to know to bring their characters to life, regardless of software or style.   

creating 3d animation

In the last 3-4 years the creation of advertising videos without using real shooting, exclusively using the animation method, has become a world trend. Animated video perfectly copes with the task when it is necessary from the first seconds to capture and keep the consumer’s attention, cause certain emotions and connect them with the advertised product. Our brain is so arranged that a 3D animated video is much better perceived by us than a text or sound message, and the information reported in this way is well remembered. Virtually any product can be profitable and memorable to present to the buyer with the help of animation animations. 3D is used in all areas of trade, from the sale of baby products and food products to the presentation of mobile applications and banking programs. The use of computer graphics is the best solution when you need to make something interesting that in essence is boring, which is why 3D animation is widely used in teaching and explaining videos. The video stream, which is obtained when shooting a digital camera, does not contain any animation. An animated logo, blinking buttons or inscriptions on the screen, a scoreboard, a running line, and a dynamic map All these graphics are created already then added to the video sequence when editing